One-in-five developers target the IoT for upcoming projects

By: richard

May 11, 2015


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We have entered a new era where all of our devices going forward are expected to have a presence on the internet and be able to relay data to us and one another to become more efficient, effective, and make our lives easier as we go about our day-to-day business.

For this to happen, the world needs developers to create the experiences which help to tie all of these devices together. According to new research from Evans Data, one in five developers are in-fact now targeting the Internet of Things for their upcoming projects.

It just goes to show what a huge industry it is set to be, and everyone wants to secure their slice of the pie at the earliest point possible. Further research from Evans Data shows that connected device development overall grew an astounding 190% in 2014.

One in five developers are in-fact now targeting the Internet of things

Development for connected devices appear to be eating away at tablet development, which is beginning to wane and device sales slumping as Apple’s financial results showed this week. It’s quite interesting, as many would expect a tablet device to be the perfect “hub” for IoT applications.

Instead, it seems developers are opting for wearables. Development for the category has increased to 24% in 2014. With the iWatch due for release in April, this will undoubtedly grow at an even faster rate by this time next year.

“The measure for maturity isn’t just the number of installations or percentage of people developing for it; it’s also measured in terms of how much it is being extended to other new uses that were not originally envisioned for those platforms,” said Michael Rasalan, Director of Research at Evans Data, “For instance, in 2008, we would not have equated Android with car stereos, and now the majority of connected car application developers are targeting Android Auto.”

Evans Data’s global survey of mobile developers was conducted between May to June, 2014. As such, the exact numbers may have changed since. Further highlights from the report are; 31% of IoT developers most associate Cloud computing with IoT, followed by Real-time Event Processing (25.8%), Big Data (17.3%) and then Machine-to-Machine (15%).

Janel Garvin, CEO of Evans Data Corp, said: “The needed technologies [for the IoT] are now converging with Cloud, Big Data, embedded stems, real-time event processing, even cognitive computing combining to change the face of the technological landscape we live in, and developers are leading the way.”

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