Alex is now working full time at Digital Exprt. Alex has 27 years of full time experience in software development. Starting with Lisp programming at the University, and then moving into the world of business computing, Alex has worked with a wide variety of technologies. From imperative, object oriented programming, to functional/declarative programming. Alex’s expertise spans developing software solutions for healthcare, financial and e-commerce industry sectors. While still at the University, Alex read a seminal book “Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid” by Douglas Hofstadter and become fascinated by the Artificial Intelligence research. Soon after that came the strong interest in the neural networks research. After spending some time building solutions utilizing the web 2.0 technologies (REST and HATEOAS), Alex became excited about the emergence of Conversational User Interface (CUI). Alex has done extensive work in formulating and implementing conversational interface on the web.

He had delivered a talk on that topic at the first European Chatbot conference, held in Vienna, Austria in October 2016 ( Alex is a frequent contributor to the “Free Code Camp” publication (, as well as to the “Chatbots Magazine” ( and the “Bots for Business” magazine ( Alex also keeps many of his writings on his Medium page ( Alex was voted one of the Top 100 writers on Conversational User Interface by the Chatbots Magazine: 100-articles- on-chatbots- magazine-754fc1beca26 Alex is also hosting a podcast showcasing leaders in IoT, AI, Conversational Commerce, AI, Machine Learning and Blockchain: