Avinash Changa is an all-rounder in the field of digital concepts and production techniques. Virtual Reality, 3D-animation, post-production, visual effects, Augmented Reality, Avinash knows the field, and knows it well.

He graduated in three degrees (Commercial Economics, Business Information Technology, Communications), his knowledge is both broad as well as deep. He spearheaded digital activities at internationally renowned ad agency “180”, before founding his own company “Disrupt”. (DSRPT.com) Over the years Disrupt Communications has created work for numerous international agencies and brands, produced motion capture shoots, bluescreens-shoots, music videos, short films, and 4D-rides for theme parks.

Changa is a business savvy all-rounder in the field of digital concepts and digital production techniques, understands the business logic and knows how to apply new techniques in an effective way.

In 2013, he founded WeMakeVR.com, a pioneering Virtual Reality company that is changing the world of immersive experiences.