Based in Geneva, the artist of Bulgarian origin Biliana K. Voden Aboutaam graduated from the Fine Arts Academy of Brera in Milan in scenography and art history (1999). During her studies, she already had an interest in the theatrical language of the avant-garde, which does away with the narrative and the units of time and action until all that remains on stage is without syntax and alphabet: the void.

Decades of research into dematerialisazion as a state, led her into identifying the phenomenon of digitalization, DATA and its immaterial state, as “primal informational matter” or pure Digital Mass, to build and construct the body of totally dematerialized work of art.

The notion of an infinite body of the Art Work /Sculpture/ is not longer seen as a philosophical or ethical statement , but it is translated, constructed, morphed literary into technological format, as APPlications and fundamental part of Internet of Things.