About the OSGi Alliance

The OSGi Alliance is a worldwide consortium of technology innovators that advances a proven and mature process to create open specifications that enable the modular assembly of software built with Java technology. Modularity reduces software complexity; OSGi is the best model to modularize Java.

About the speaker

Christer Larsson has over 20 years of experience in business development and advanced systems design for high-tech companies with experience from the automotive, airline and telecom industries working for such companies as Volvo IT, Carmen Systems and Ericsson.

Christer has been involved in the development of the OSGi technology since 1998, taking part in the design of Ericsson’s e-box concept which influenced the first releases of the OSGi specification to a large degree. He is currently the CEO of Makewave and the VP EMEA of the OSGi Alliance. Christer is also deeply involved in the open source OSGi project Knopflerfish.