Joerg Swetina studied Chemistry and Mathematics at the University of Vienna, Austria and later conducted research in Theoretical Chemistry.
Moving from academia to industry he led a development team dealing with GSM call processing and software testing at Siemens Austria. Since the early days of 3GPP he had been acting as chair/vicechair and representing Siemens in standardization bodies like ETSI SMG, 3GPP, OMA and others.
In 2008 he moved to NEC Europe in Heidelberg, Germany, continuing his work in standards. Additionally to his work in 3GPP where he works on requirements – currently focusing on 5G – his other main field of interest is Machine-to-Machine (IoT/M2M) communication. He was active in creating the ‘oneM2M Global Initiative’ organization and is currently acting as vice chair of the requirements group of oneM2M.
Dr. Swetina is married and is living in Vienna and Heidelberg.