Dr. Thomann received different academic degrees in the area of engineering and informatics. After working with the startup tesa scribos and the technology company Carls Zeiss he is now innovation manager at MVV Energie AG.

At MVV Energie, he is responsible for different research projects dealing with the energy system of the future: smart grids, renewable energy resources and smart infrastructure. He is also a member of the execute board of Smart Production Mannheim and coordinates the innovation cluster StoREgio and SmartGridsBW. He also manages the startup network of MVV Energie. Today he is responsible for the Smart City and IoT activities of MVV Energie.


MVV Energie

MVV Energie, a publicly listed municipal utility group, is one of Germany’s leading and most profitable energy companies with total sales of about 4.1 bn Euro (FY 2015/16). Outstanding features of our group of companies are it balanced business portfolio, which includes electricity, district heating, gas, water, energy-related services and environmental energy, as well as the horizontal networking and integration of its shareholdings in local and regional operators with the same business fields