Business economist Dirk-Jan de Bruijn (1959) has spent the last three and a have decades realising changes in the public domain. He is passionate about changing a plate of spaghetti into dish of asparagus – or lasagna.

Over the years he has specialised in the implementation of network leadership, whereby societal tasks come first, rather than the institution; with a central position of creating customer value! One of his achievements was the organising the European Truck Platooning Challenge (under the umbrella of the Dutch EU Presidency) – driving with convoys of all truck manufactures through Europe on our public roads. Last October he was responsible for the ‘Experience Week Connected Transport’ in which first steps in the connection between logistics and traffic management were realised: 250 trucks (from 10 different carriers) connected with iVRI’s[1] in 4 regions. At the moment he’s in charge for the operationalization (deployment) of connected transport on the corridor Port of Rotterdam-Port of Moerdijk.

[1] Intelligent traffic lights – magic green