As the product of a multiplication between two teachers, Erkan has always put learning and teaching at the core of his career path.

After finishing his masters in Supply Chain Management in Amsterdam, he worked for Accenture to organise the biggest Innovation Awards event in the Netherlands and wrote his thesis on Startup & Innovation Ecosystems.

Like Matthijs, he was offered a 2-year Management Traineeship at Tata Steel, he worked in the area of IT (Manufacturing Execution Systems Data & Reporting), Supply Chain (Inventory Optimization), Sales (Automotive sector UK & Mainland Europe), and Operations (Manufacturing Digitalization). His current position is co-lead of the Digital Innovation Centre, which offers the opportunity to focus on delivering Proof-of-Concepts on the latest digital technologies in the business domains of Tata Steel. This gives the company a unique and hands-on introduction to technologies such as AI, Computer Vision, Virtual Reality, Drones, and IoT, while speeding up the innovation process and enabling fellow entrepreneurial spirits to continuously improve the company.

In his spare time, Erkan likes to play music and mix his own record collection. In the future he aspires to become the founding father of a startup company in which his love for music can play a big role.