Mr. Frank Alexander Reusch studied in Koblenz (Germany) business administration and informatics. In addition, Mr. Reusch has completed a certificate course of the George Washington University in the field of “International Project Leadership”. After graduating, he has worked intensively with IT automation in logistics. In addition to this, he was responsible for complex project management tasks like buildup a car assembly factory. Since 2001, Mr. Reusch works for RWE IT GmbH as a project manager. There he led among others six years a team of software developers and built a center for automated software tests in Kosice (Slovakia). Mr. Reusch was trained as “PMI Agile Certified Practitioner” and is a certified Innovation Manager. Frank Reusch works in W3C intensively on the standardization of a communication protocol in the group “Web of Things”. He is Senior Product Manager in the Lemonbeat GmbH, a subsidiary of RWE. He gives lectures and presentations around the world regarding the Internet of Things and his practical experience.