Hans is Lead Data Scientist for the Advanced Precision Horticulture program of Monsanto Vegetables (soon part of Bayer Crop Science). The team develops the Analytics behind the future Autonomous Greenhouses, based on a combination of AI, Plant Science and “Green Eyes” grower knowledge (we believe AI will not suffice on its own, nor will Plant Science or tacit knowledge).

High-tech heated glasshouses are IoT hotspots, finally also adding sensors that monitor plant ‘behaviour’ at second to minute intervals (growth, water evaporation). Therefore, the opportunity to leverage Machine Learning and AI, enriched with Agronomic Insights is enormous and relevant for world food supply, since the approach will be extended to low-tech plastic tunnels and open field worldwide.

Previously Hans was overseeing all Taste and Consumer Quality aspects of the vegetables seeds portfolio in EMEA for DeRuiter and Seminis, the greenhouse and open-field brands respectively. Originally, and still, Hans is biologist, applying mathematical modelling to insulin dynamics during his PhD in Brussels, Spatio-temporal chaos at a Max Planck Institute, and to M&A synergies at McKinsey at Company.