Jaak Vlasveld is director of Green IT Amsterdam Region, a research oriented consortium of stakeholders focusing on ICT and sustainability. Green IT Amsterdam makes the energy transition possible with IT for the Amsterdam region. Its mission is to scout, test and showcase innovative IT solutions for increasing energy efficiency and decreasing carbon emissions.

Jaak is an innovation expert, experienced in integrating new technologies in current and novel scenarios through setting up and running multi-stakeholder collaboration platforms. He has a background in telematics and in philosophy. He consulted on various topics, including the ICT infrastructure for science in the Netherlands, on adoption of mobile e-Health services and on the role of stakeholder involvement in services innovation.

Jaak is strongly committed to setting up Green IT’s networks and collaborative, open innovation projects. Through these activities, he provides support for optimizing and redesigning, from a holistic perspective, IT value chains ranging from infrastructure and applications through urban planning approaches to consolidation and awareness programmes.