Janko Isidorovic is the Chair of the EdgeX Applications Working Group and Co-Founder of Mainflux. Janko gained comprehensive work experience in NELT, South Europe’s biggest logistic and distribution company (P&G, Kraft Foods, Wrigley and SSL) as ERP Specialist, IT Specialist for Warehouse Operations and Application & System Engineer. Within SAP BC implementation team, he was responsible for SAP landscape design, MM module – Conceptual Design of the Business Processes and design of interfaces.

Significant experience as a Project manager Janko gained working on GO4YU project, joint venture between NELT and TELEKOMSERBIA, aimed to be provider of Mobile, VoIP and Live TV and Video on Demand streaming platform for Serbian expats in US and Canada. Janko is winner of “First Step to Nobel Prize in Physics” International Competition for High School Students in Research Projects in Physics, organized by The European Physics Society, 1994.