As Vice President Global Technology Services, Marc Votteler is responsible for the fundamental IT services of the Schaeffler Group, at around 170 locations in more than 50 countries.

In addition to the classic infrastructural supply through data centers, storage, servers and networks, his area of responsibility also includes client and workstation systems with office applications and mobile devices. Furthermore, his organizational unit takes care of globally used software platforms for ERP, email, telephony, collaboration and Internet/intranet content. The IT Security Services team also reports to Marc. The Digital Transformation is one of the key drivers of his current organization.

Before Marc joined Schaeffler in February 2015, he was a Senior Manager at Atos in Germany. With an organization mainly located in Germany, Romania and India, his teams managed the whole lifecycle of more than 12.000 servers, including associated transformation and migration projects. Utilizing the capabilities of his cross on-, near- and off-shore organization, he significantly supported the quality and cost targets of Atos after the merger with Siemens IT Solutions and Services in 2011.

Working for Siemens for about 20 years until 2011, Marc gained experience in leadership, product management as well as in the role of a technical expert in different technology-driven organizations including shop floor-related technologies (OT).