Marco’s quirky way of innovating sets off a chain reaction of enthusiastic ‘makers’ leading to new communities working on topics ranging from IoT and Smart Cities to more general technology themes. Marco is the initiator of the Junior Internet of Things Smart City Challenge where secondary school students to get hands-on experience creating an end-to-end IoT implementation in just 8 sessions. Participants learn not only how to interact with the technology, but also actively find new ways of solving problems they feel are important to improve their city.

Marco is an advocate of open data and by sharing his results, and those of the communities he inspires,

organic community participation increases and residents develop a more active role in influencing change in their city and its environment. After receiving the results of the Junior IoT Smart City Challenge, Marco’s home city, Gemeente Alkmaar, is now eager to support more IoT initiatives with technology, knowledge and funding. Marco is eager to share his approach to support others in the first steps of making their cities Smart Cities!