Head of Innovation Office and New Technology, BTC d.d.

Deputy Chief Innovation and Digital Officer BTC d.d.

Coordinator for Smart City and Logistics working group of Blockchain Think Tank Slovenia

Board Member, European Blockchain Hub

Experienced project manager, with a very rich education and professional background. Currently employed by BTC d.d. as a Head of Innovation Office and as Deputy Chief Innovation and Digital Officer. Mark is skilled in Project Management, Planning and Developing Marketing Strategy, Digitalization, establishing Living Lab/Start-up ecosystem, as well as Innovation/Project Office. Strong focus on establishing innovative platforms as means to connect people and data. He is an innovator and blockchain enthusiast and has a strong passion in working on disruptive technologies, like VR, AR, Blockchain, Iot, AI and robotics and implementing them.

His expertise lie in helping start-ups rich their full potential and connecting them to other ecosystems. Was also one of the persons behind establishing the first Bitcoin City in the world. He was one of the initiators of European Blockchain Hub in May of 2018 and is currently a Board Member in European Bockchain Hub. Furthermore, he is the Coordinator for Smart City and Logistics working group of Slovenian Blockchain Think Tank.  Mark is also a professional speaker.

He has a rich educational background with four finished Masters Degrees at Missouri State University, Drury University and Faculty of Economics- University of Ljubljana with an MBA, M.Sc. in Project Management, M.Sc. in Health Promotion and Wellness Management, and M.A. in International Business.