Martin joined SunAlliance (now Royal Sun Alliance or RSA Insurance Group) in 1988 as a Security Specialist and ran their Hacking and Internet Security teams and he was responsible for their anti-malware strategy and remediation.


In 2002 he was assimilated into IBM as part of an outsourcing contract. He worked for the Managed Security Services Delivery commercial team in EMEA as a malware/anti-malware specialist, and was part of the Global Virus Emergency Team and the World-Wide Threat Team.  During this period Martin also carried out penetration, web application, physical security and social engineering testing for many clients; so he is also an “Ethical Hacker” aka “A White-Hat Hacker”.


The last role Martin performed for IBM was as the EMEA Team Leader for ERS (Emergency Response Service), so all of his forensics skills were even more in demand than usual! This involved helping customers who believe they have been hacked, infected, socially engineered, DDoSed, or otherwise suffered a security breach or attack. This included not only identifying the breach and source, etc. but also advising on how to improve the victims overall security posture, be it through technology, methodologies or holistic approaches that offer wide ranging benefits.


Martin’s current role is as a Cyber Risk Technical Specialist for AIG. Martin acts as a Subject Matter Expert on Cyber risks and solutions, acting as a technical resource for AIG underwriters, brokers and clients; turning technical risks into business language. Martin is also responsible for partner and business/services development to help AIG clients improve their security posture and maturity.


He has been a regular speaker at the Virus Bulletin International Conferences, and has lost count of the many other presentations/conferences he has done. He was also a regular contributor to the Virus Bulletin periodical. Martin also lectures at a number of UK Universities; regularly scaring and educating the students about the risks in using the Internet and how to be safe.


Martin is a charter member of AVIEN, a WildList reporter and a member of the Anti-Phishing Working Group.


To date he has accumulated over twenty nine years of experience in investigating and combating computer viruses, Trojans and related malicious software (malware) and other security breaches.