Born and raised in a restaurant family, in his early 20’s Matthijs volunteered at Young Africa in Mozambique after which he chose to get his Masters in Management and Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the University of Wageningen. Following his study he worked at the Global Innovation office of Heineken and Philips to put his study into action. Working in the FMCG and MMCG (medium moving consumer goods) he decided to take it to the next level: Slow Moving Business Goods: steel. Just like Erkan he did a Management Traineeship earning experience in various departments like Procurement, Supply Chain, S&M and IT. Putting in a lot of effort to bringing sustainability mindset to TSE. He finished his traineeship as Digitalization Consultant, and he’s now co-lead of the Digital Innovation Centre.

After working hours Matthijs likes to grow exotic plant species and spend time reads books on innovation and digitalization. Besides that his dream is to have his own restaurant in the future.