Mattijs Suurland has been working the last 4 years as a Business consultant Big data and Advanced Analytics at the NS IT department.

After the initial implementation of a Hadoop solution, he and his development team worked on productizing  Big data and Advanced Analytics solutions with an in-house developed Real Time Analytics platform. With this platform the NS is now able to develop and implement products for detecting technical defects on trains using IoT data. With Real Time Analytics the NS now has the opportunity to transform the NS maintenance organisation to a condition based maintenance with the use of predictive- and prognostic models.

In February 2019 Mattijs started in his new role as business developer Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence to transform business processes not only with AI solutions, but foremost with the adaptation and integration of the models in the day-to-day operations at NS.

In his talk he will talk about the lessons learned while implementing modern technologies in complex business processes and the next big step forward that he’s currently working on to continuously improve the quality of service of the NS train fleet.