Onno is a seasoned adviser and programme manager with broad experience in financial services in general and insurance specifically.  His passion is to remove barriers that limit innovation in organisations in order to help existing insurance landscapes transform into future proof, customer-relevant eco-systems.

Onno is a strong advocate of the idea that the future of insurance lies in a shift from managing policies towards managing risks, augmenting traditional policy solutions with new technologies and services. He has been working with leading insurers implementing solutions that facilitate these concepts.

Before joining Delta Capita, Onno worked in a wide range of consulting and business development roles. Onno is author of several publications on Insurance Innovation and a regular speaker on insurance seminars.

Headquartered in London with offices around the world, Delta Capita is a ‘challenger’ business & technology consulting and managed services provider specialising in the financial services sector. Working with many of the world’s most important financial institutions, Delta Capita helps to comply with regulatory obligations, transform and simplify operations and adopt innovative business models and technologies.