Paige Leuschner is a research analyst with Navigant Research in the Building Innovations program, managing the Residential Energy Innovations research service and supporting the Internet of Things research service. Leuschner specializes in the smart home, Internet of Things, smart thermostats, home energy management, demand-side management, and utility customer engagement.

Prior to joining Navigant Research, Leuschner was a product development intern at Yes Energy, where she developed software for energy traders and studied independent system operators across the United States. Fluent in Chinese, Leuschner spent the summer of 2014 on a U.S. Department of State Critical Language Scholarship, learning Chinese in Suzhou. She was also the recipient of a Tang Fund Scholarship for study in China.  She holds a BA degree, cum laude, in Chinese, international affairs, and economics from the University of Colorado-Boulder.