Z-Wave is the leading wireless home control technology in the market today, with over 1700 certified interoperable products worldwide. Represented by the Z-Wave Alliance, and supported by more than 450 companies around the world, the standard is a key enabler of smart living solutions for home safety and security, energy, hospitality, office and light commercial applications.

Johan Pedersen is a product marketing manager for Sigma Designs, where he aligns technical capabilities with consumer needs drawing on his background of intelligent wireless devices and energy harvesting. Johan is focused on leveraging the Z-Wave wireless technology for future IoT applications, focusing on narrow bandwidth, Z-Wave offers a unique combination of low-cost, low-power and highly reliable control networking.

He has previously worked at DELTA as an Expert Assessor, and as Lead Specialist, Energy Harvesting & IoT for five years. He holds a master’s degree in electrical engineering from Technical University of Denmark.