Dr. Teemu Kanstrén is Senior Scientist at VTT, where his research focuses on network monitoring, data analytics, software reliability, security, and testing technologies. He works in close collaboration with global industry partners to help them benefit from the latest research results, and has a strong software industry background.

Recently much of his work has focused on the Finnish 5G Test Network (5gtn.fi), which is a platform for testing new applications, services, algorithms, technologies, and systems. Teemu leads the testing technologies work in 5GTN, to enable testing and analysis of IoT devices and services, underlying networks, and software applications.

Lately Teemu has been working on integrating big data analytics and machine learning related approaches as part of these domains, including big data visualization, analysis, automated algorithms, and scalable architectures. His interests also include broader applications of these technologies, such as software architectures and natural language processing.

Dr. Kanstrén holds a PhD in computer science from the University of Oulu. He was also a visiting Research at Technical University of Delft, and a visiting Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Toronto, both for two years.