Ulrich Fastenrath is Head of traffic information management and routing optimization at BMW.  He joined the company in May 2012 and is responsible for research and development activities in the traffic and routing space.

Fastenrath has extensive experience in the development of traffic technology and related products.  Before moving to BMW, he managed the European traffic development team of Navteq’s DDG organization to extend the company’s real-time traffic capabilities throughout Europe. Having joined DDG in 1995 as a project manager, he later moved to head of development where he spearheaded DDG’s traffic technology.  Prior to his tenure at DDG, Fastenrath was a systems developer at BOSCH.  While at BOSCH, he created the technology used to run the main computer of BOSCH’s automatic fee collection system.

Fastenrath holds a PhD in theoretical solid state physics at the University of Cologne in Germany and was also a two-year post-doctoral fellow at the Technical University of Munich.