Wouter is a home networking architect at Cisco System SPVSS. He started his career in Philips at the Physics Labs, where he worked on simulation applications for cathode ray tubes. Later he migrated to Applied Technologies, also a department of Royal Philips Electronics. Among one of the many topics that he tackled, he started working on home network connectivity. Later he moved to the Television department where he functioned as technology leader in home connectivity.

Wouter moved to Cisco Systems and functions as home networking architect. In this role he is the main representative of Cisco Systems in the UPnP standardization organization and currently acting as Director on the UPnP Steering Committee and has technical responsibilities among others as UPnP Compliance Committee Chair and IOT Datamodel chair. His contributions in the UPnP Forum are now standardized in UPnP: AV3 AV4, Multi-Screen and other specifications of the UPnP Forum.